“ We trust Bond Clarke with all our major contract negotiations”

“ We trust Bond Clarke with all our major contract negotiations”


We will agree in advance which combination of the following billing models is most appropriate for your project:

A. T&M – Monthly in Arrears

Any services used in a month are billed, in arrears, as consumed.

B. T&M – Block Purchase of Time

Pay for a number of hours of services in advance, in return for a reduced hourly rate.  Service hours may be called off at the client’s discretion until all available time has been consumed. Monthly timesheets and a statement of remaining hours allow the client to monitor burn rate and budget accurately.

C. T&M – Embedded Lawyer Scheme

Pay a monthly retainer to keep your Embedded Lawyer on call. Elect to consume their time either upon a regular basis, X days per week, or to call off time upon an ad-hoc basis up to the monthly maximum.

D. Fixed Price – Payment on Completion

Small and medium scale jobs are invoiced for the full fixed price 100% upon completion

E. Fixed Price – Milestone Payments

Complex multi-phase projects are often billed against an agreed payplan, with specific and proportional sums being billed upon completion of key documented milestones.

F. Fixed Price – Monthly Payments

Spread the cost of your project over a number of equal instalments

G. Fixed Price – Contingent Estimate

Typically a two-stage price will be agreed such that you pay a certain amount in the event that (say) a transaction proceeds to conclusion, but you pay a reduced amount should the project be aborted.

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