“We trust Bond Clarke with all our major contract negotiations”

“We trust Bond Clarke with all our major contract negotiations”

Embedded Lawyer Service

Many organisations have regular and varied requirements for legal advice and would clearly benefit from the ready availability of an in-house lawyer, somebody with an intimate knowledge of their business, commercial stance and contractual priorities.  Of course, the salary cost of employing an appropriately qualified and skilled legal professional in such a role is prohibitive for all but the largest businesses.

This means that most companies delegate legal tasks to external lawyers upon an ad-hoc basis as and when requirements or crises arise. The downside of this approach is the fact that, despite the cost, it remains difficult to be pro-active and, moreover, that legal input is simply unavailable in many daily situations where it could directly impact risk or profit.

Bond Clarke’s Embedded Lawyer Service has been designed to specifically address this gap and, since its launch, has proven a huge success.

Quite simply, a Bond Clarke Embedded Lawyer (EL) becomes part of your team. This is what makes the difference.

You commit to as many hours per week or per month as you wish and your EL is available, on tap, to bring quality legal resource to each of your business functions.  They soon gather the intimate knowledge of an in-house lawyer and come to understand how your leadership team thinks and works.

In addition to providing all of the obvious legal advice and drafting services, your EL will contribute to your bottom line by:

  • providing a non-exec Legal Director function
  • attending and/or contributing to regular management meetings
  • participating in bid review and tender management processes
  • attending supplier / client negotiations (from either side)
  • advising all departments re commercial / contractual risk
  • optimising your terms and conditions
  • keeping contractual documentation ahead of legal, fiscal and market changes
  • contributing to HR and employment matters

The Embedded Lawyer Service offers measurable operational benefits whilst maintaining a great degree of flexibility. Turn the service on or off as you wish to keep absolute control of your legal fees and introduce a valuable new resource to your team without committing to the expense of an in-house lawyer’s salary.

Contact us today to discuss how our Embedded Lawyer Service may impact your business.